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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Profile of Violet Educational Center VEC


VEC stands for VIOLET EDUCATIONAL CENTER. It has been a
reliable learning center for truthful students and provides itself real appreciable students. It offers the courses of school level to master level Tuition, Computer Courses, Bridge Courses with Entrance Preparation/Test Preparation, Languages and many more comprising highly demanding subjects. In future, it is aiming to work in the field of CTVT courses too. It was established in February 15, 2013 (वि.सं. २०६९ साल फागुन ४ गते, सरस्वती पूजाको दिन) by group of intellectuals.
[Note: Master Level &Test Preparation are future plan.]
VEC is the institution of education where all kinds of knowledge and skills are acquired. VEC is committed to produce trained, skillful, intelligent and qualified candidates. It is the global competent and winners choice student institution of this 21st century. It wants to make its own educational image in this world. 
Violet Educational Center is inspired by the vision of a strong, vibrant educational society in which a culture of accountability is firmly entrenched and the rights of every citizen to get education is respected and protected while in turn, citizens acknowledge their responsibilities and endeavor to fulfill these as expected.
Violet Educational Center aims to strengthen the capacity of poor students in all subjects, mainly in text based skill development in order to give those chances and opportunities to march with global citizens with motivation and strength of their education which they get from this institution.

  • To produce trained skillful, intelligent & qualified candidates.
  • To provide platform for global competent.
  • To spread light of education and emit the darkness from the globe.
  • To produce highly qualified technician (In IT Field).        
  • To produce export in communication (Communicating each other by global language).
Pradeep KHANAL (Poornanda), Executive Advisor
Mobile: +977-9841-539418
Rukmani MABOHANG Limbu, Executive Advisor
Mobile: +977-9849-040881
Aisingh DIMDUNG Tamang, Associate Advisor
Mobile: +977-9813-191764

Manoj Rai Founder cum instructor of VEC

Bhuban Singh Muri Magar, Founder cum coordinator of VEC

Prabhat Rai, Founder cum counselor/motivator of VEC
Mobile: +977-9823-065732
Sachin Basnet, Founder cum IT Assistance Manager of VEC
Mobile: +977-980-3213839

Benjamin Shrestha, IT head of VEC

Sajan Pariyar, IT Consultant of VEC

Pramod Lama, DI(Discipline In-charge) of VEC
E-mail: eduvec123@gmail.com

Tel: 01-4822771
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